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  • Syria: Six Years On

    From its start in 2011, the Syrian conflict is now the largest humanitarian crisis in living memory.

    - More than 500,000 people have been killed.
    - Over 50% of Syrians now live in poverty.
    - 5 million Syrians have already fled abroad.
    - 7.6 Million are internally displaced
    - Syria’s infrastructure has been completely decimated.
    - Over 150,000 children were born as refugees.
    - Over 200,000 orphaned children.
    - Over 2.7 million children without education.

    As we push forward with our work, it’s also vital we remember everything we've already achieved. Thanks to your support, Sunrise-USA was able to establish multiple programs to help Syrians in:

    - Education
    - Family Assistance
    - Healthcare
    - Orphan Sponsorship
    - Ramadan Food basket
    - Udhiyah
    - Water and Sanitation
    - Keep them warm in Winter

    Six years have passed, and our team has only become more dedicated. Please continue your support.

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  • Syrians in Desperate Need of Food & Winter Aid

    Help Provide Food Baskets

    Nearly 8 million Syrians – including 4 million children - are displaced in their own country. With no end in sight to the Syrian conflict, these fractured families have at times moved three times already and living in dire conditions with very limited access to food.

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  • 5.6 Million Syrian Children in Dire Need

    According to UNICEF, 5.6 million children are living in dire situations inside Syria. 1.9 million children are now refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt and other countries in North Africa.

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  • Struggling to Survive: A Shocking Reality

    The reality is shocking for millions of displaced Syrians

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  • Supporting Education: A Priority!

    Basic education in Syria in 2014 has become the second worst in the world. Almost half of all children have already lost the equivalent of three years of schooling.

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  • Healthcare: On the Verge of Total Collapse

    Since the outbreak of the conflict in 2011, there have been around 175 attacks on medical facilities and at least 600 medical workers killed.

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