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Earthquake In Northern Syria.

Syria Crisis In Numbers

The Syria conflict has produced the world’s largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Though Syria accounts for less than one percent of the world’s population, its people make up nearly one third of refugees worldwide.

1 Million
People in Dire Need of Aid
1 Million
Children Affected by the Crisis
1 Million
Internally Displaced Persons
1 Million
Refugees in other Countries

You Can Change Someone’s Life

Orphan Sponsorship

Syrian orphans are on the verge of losing their battle as they live without enough food, healthcare and schooling.Your $50 a month provides full support for an orphan.

Children Education

An estimated 2.8 million Syrian children are currently out of schools.Your $300 can sponsor a student’s education for an entire year.

Food Aid 2

Food Aid

Sunrise-USA supports thousands of registered families through its food basket program. We also provide milk and baby formula to families with young children. Please sponsor a number of food packages today.

Zakat Assistance

Syrians are in desperate need of food, shelter, and winter aid. With your Zakat contributions, Sunrise-USA works tirelessly to assist needy families displaced inside Syria.

Concrete Housing Units

SunriseUSA is building 84 concrete housing units in northern Syria to move refugees to. This will be one of several projects we are working on. You can sponsor a housing unit for $2500 only.

Seasonal Support

Ramadan Support

Ramadan is the month of charity and compassion. Ten consecutive Ramadan have gone since the beginning of the Syrian conflict and we are witnessing the 11th one. Give generously this Ramadan

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Needy Families are the Recipients of Your Zakat

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Stories from Syria

News & Report

Humanitarian Needs

The country’s infrastructure has been entirely wrecked due to the conflict’s suffocation of its economy, which has had a devastating influence on civilian life. Women and children are the most severely affected

Education Crisis

Even after 11 years of Syrian crisis, Syrian children are suffering the most. They are not only robbed of their peaceful and childhood life, but are also deprived of their right to education due to various reasons

59. an orphan girl

A decade of conflict and violence has turned Syria into one of the most desperate places in the world. The Syrian crisis has had the worst effect on children, some of whom have lost their lives to the conflict, and thousands of others left homeless


In this forgotten neighborhood, we make our first steps alongside images of misery where buildings are on the verge of collapse, hiding behind their walls the tears of innocent eyes whose dreams are just a warm lap and a toy

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