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Seasonal Programs

You can make a real difference in the lives of thousands of desperate Syrian families during Ramadan and the two Eids. Sunrise-USA provides food baskets, udhiya meat, and Eid gifts to bring a smile to the faces of those who have lost so much.


Ramadan is the month of blessing. It is also the month of charity and compassion. Ten consecutive Ramadans have gone since the beginning of the Syrian conflict and we are witnessing the 11th one. Yet, nothing has improved in the life of the Syrian people. The situation is getting worse. More than half the Syrian people are either displaced or refugees.

Syrian families are worried about providing enough food for their children. During Ramadan, we provide food baskets with essential food items such as rice, sugar, margarine, cooking & olive oils, spaghetti, cheese, jam, za’ater, dates, and tea to displaced families. We also provide Suhur and Iftar meals in makeshift schools. Last Ramadan, the food baskets, Zakat ul Fitr, and Iftars were provided to over 27,000 displaced families throughout Syria, at a cost of $550,000. During Eidul Fitr, we provide Family Eid Gifts that include new clothes, shoes, and sweets, especially for children.


During Eidul Adha, Sunrise-USA distributes Udhiya inside Syria due to the urgent need. Tens of thousands of families expect to receive its meats during Eid days. Please share your generous Udhiya donation with Syrian families who have lost everything. Last Eid,  we distributed around 2 kilograms of Udhiya meat each to 22,500 families.

Your Zakat in Ramadan, your Udhiya, and your children’s gifts during Eids

 will bring happiness and support to those families.

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