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The conflict in Syria has entered its eleventh year, leaving the country to face the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, including a significant toll on children’s education. According to United Nations’ sources, an estimated 5.8 million children and youth inside Syria are in need of education assistance, as there are currently 2.8 million Syrian children out of school. In some parts of the country, nearly half of families surveyed said they had at least one child out of school.

Syria’s basic education is among the lowest in the world. Every day, the need to educate millions of children is growing. Education is essential for children to overcome trauma and gain life skills that will enable them to sustain themselves and their families in the future.  

Sunrise-USA is committed to providing schoolbooks and supplies for thousands of children who do not have access to regular schooling. We support education efforts across the country and in refugee camps, providing the young children with the necessary means to attain an education. Sunrise-USA is also one of the main sponsors of Al-Salam School. An increase in demand and a population surge of Syrian Refugee families in the southern province of Hatay, specifically in the city of Reyhanli, has made the Al-Salam School the largest school there. With many students’ schooling interrupted, the school’s innovative curriculum provides a summer track to compensate for this lag. 

As of school year 2021-2022, Sunrise-USA’s seven schools have over 6,000 students. Many Syrian children affected by the war and the ongoing crisis consider Sunrise-USA schools as a sanctuary. 

Donate today to provide the children with needed resources like a school supplies kit, sponsoring a student, sponsoring a teacher, or other school expenses. Sunrise-USA needs your support in allocating funds for:

  • Children’s transportation to school
  • Hiring teachers
  • Providing school books, backpacks, and school supplies
  • Providing students with school uniforms
  • Renovation of old schools
  • Teacher training

School enrollment rates among Syrian refugees are growing faster than we could imagine, and that’s why we need help.

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