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Health Care

Our Impact on Health Care 

During the ongoing Syrian conflict, around 175 medical facilities have been destroyed, 700 medical personnel were murdered, and 50% of physicians have left the country. Widespread poverty has depleted all resources, leaving Syria with one of the worst healthcare systems in the world. With a lack of qualified medical staff, poor administration of vital vaccines and medical supplies, fuel shortages for ambulances and field hospital generators, and greater difficulties in delivering urgent medical supplies, the situation does not appear to be improving. 

Where 45% of the 113 public hospitals were operational at last count, the remaining facilities were inoperable, lacking the necessary staff and resources to provide care.

We’ve been able to make a difference in people’s lives, thanks to our donors’ unwavering support, in the following ways:

  • We built a total of 22 trauma care facilities to assist patients in coping with their condition and recovering.
  • Our relief efforts in the Istanbul, Rihanli, and Tayba camps resulted in the establishment of full-time and part-time clinics to assist victims and patients.
  • We were able to respond to the chemical assault in Ghouta by providing medical centers with needed medications and supplies.
  • We delivered medical container shipments to Aleppo, Damascus, and Deraa.

There is still much more work to be done. Your donation will help us continue to improve healthcare for millions of displaced and at-risk families in Syria.

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