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Orphan Sponsorship

Here’s the Problem


The number of orphans suffering globally runs into the millions. In countries like Syria, where the social infrastructure is challenging and the political climate is unpredictable, it’s all too easy for orphaned children to get left behind. Their future, and ours in return, is being decided by war, poverty, negligence, and abuse.

According to UNICEF, 5.6 million children are living in dire situations inside Syria and in neighboring countries. The number of orphans has passed the 1,000,000 mark. Nearly ninety percent of children in the country now need some type of humanitarian aid.

Orphans are on the cusp of losing their battle as they live without enough food, healthcare, and schooling.

Here’s a Solution

Sunrise-USA is a charity dedicated to improving and empowering the lives of the Syrian people,

Sunrise-USA is a charity dedicated to improving and empowering the lives of the Syrian people, including vulnerable orphans and widows. We employ front-line staff that are supported by volunteers, and we do not focus on emergency relief only, but instead on sustainable solutions for benefiting children and families.

We support orphans inside Syria through your donations, which pay for food, clothing, education, and healthcare. 

Many of the children in our care have either left school because of the war or have never attended school. Sunrise-USA provides the support necessary for these children to get an education, spending over $2 million on orphan support during the last three years. We provide orphans with education, food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities each month. 

How You Can Help

Orphan Sponsorship Program

The Orphan Sponsorship Program costs only $50 per month per orphan or $600 per year. For less than $1.75 a day, you can support an orphan. If you want to help these children feel safe and have hope, then support one or more orphans today. Your recurrent monthly support helps ensure they are given the opportunity to survive and strive for a better future. Your sponsorship contribution will help us provide the following:

  • Adequate nutrition
  • Proper shelter
  • Decent clothing
  • Clean drinking water
  • Hygienic sanitation
  • Medical care
  • Quality education

Sunrise-USA is currently working with orphans in Northern Syria and Refugee Camps.

Our sponsorship program is designed for the orphans affected by the Syrian war. We work to provide orphaned children with their basic human rights: daily nutritious meals, access to clean drinking water, proper clothing, medical care, an education, and a roof over their head. Absent of any political motivation, our only loyalty is to the orphaned children affected by the Syrian conflict.

The Orphan Sponsorship Program is long-term and continuing until each orphan becomes self-sufficient. Growing takes time, and our aim is to help each orphan obtain a decent education, find a job, and support themselves. However, the circumstances of orphans may change, for example when a family member may come forward and take full responsibility for the child.

If you cannot afford $50 per month, you can give a $10, $20 or $30 recurrent monthly donation towards the Orphan Sponsorship Fund. You can also give a one-time donation of any amount you can afford. As long as you designate your donation for the orphan sponsorship, we will use it accordingly. Every donation helps!

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