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The Bleeding Heart

The Bleeding Heart: A Short Account Of A Homs Neighborhood

The scream cannot be heard over the sound of destruction. I am chased by the nagging thought of a wail filled with agony and anguish, a child saying, “When is my dear Mom or Dad coming back?” Indeed, each orphan has a story to tell, each seeking answers to questions. 

In this forgotten neighborhood, we make our first steps alongside images of misery where buildings are on the verge of collapse, hiding behind their walls the tears of innocent eyes whose dreams are just a warm lap and a toy. On the first day of our mission failure looms real, unbelievable darkness with the absence of electricity like any other day. The sounds of silence are deafening.

We go inside to see the children, to convey their suffering, but we can only use the lights of our cameras and mobiles. They reveal a tragic childhood in the country of mayhem, where the smell of gunpowder and blood has spread.  Nothing is more powerful than a tear that runs from the heart and ends in the soul.

We just want to show the world: that these are the forgotten bleeding hearts that live in fear. Nevertheless, they keep dreaming of a better tomorrow.  At this place, the corners of which have not been touched by sunlight except for some tiny rays bodies soft as a flower grow. 

The Bleeding Heart: Children are orphans under your sponsorship.

They are without the safety of their neighborhood and homes, the love and caring of their parents, and certainly any belongings or possessions. The aroma of the food baskets is mixed with the smell of mustiness permeating from the walls. Could this situation be any worse? 

The field team has delivered and distributed the goods inside Homs districts, a humanitarian touch when it seems the entire world has abandoned you. But right now, elation and happiness fill the air.  The scene is completely the opposite of what you’d expect. Circumstances could not change their childhood spontaneity, and it is really difficult to describe their joy.

The children have gathered with the intent to deliver a message of thanks to the donors of Sunrise-USA, showing their strength despite the conditions, shining hope. They wait and wear their finest clothes to greet the camera,  all smiles.  The future seems bright.

We arrived to deliver assistance – however, we departed learning a few lessons.  We wanted to touch them, yet they touched us.  As a donor and an organization, we can make a huge difference in people’s lives no matter how infinitesimal it seems. 

By a Sunrise-USA staff member, May 2013.

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