The Leading Provider of Humanitarian Aid to Syria


In-Kind Shipments

Shipped 36 containers full of clothing, blankets, medical supplies and non-perishable food items from the United States.

Emergency Aid

Providing urgent emergency aid to victims of chemical bombings in Al-Ghouta and the Aleppo.

Orphan Sponsorship

Providing 1200 orphans with food, clothing and other necessities on a monthly basis.


Completed 4 school buildings (with another building currently under construction) and supplied books, back-packs, and school materials to more than 3,000 students and families around refugee camps.

Winter Aid

Providing blankets, tents, mattresses, kerosene heaters, wood logs for stoves, and winter jackets/clothing to displaced families.

Ramadan Program

Supplied and delivered 20,000 food baskets throughout Syria up to 2019, feeding approximately 120,000 people and distributing more than 120 tons of whole chicken to displaced people.

Udhiya Program

Distributed Udhiya meat to approximately 60,000 families during Eid Al-Adha of 2019.

Camp & Shelter

Maintaining the Tayba Refugee Camp which includes a medical clinic and school near the Turkey border.

Water Sanitation

Water tanks (25 cu m. each) were distributed to approximately 250 families in 4 refugee camps inside Syria.