The Leading Provider of Humanitarian Aid to Syria

Winter Aid

At least 7.6 million Syrians are internally displaced today. Many of these displaced families are living in camps, shelters, or even in open fields. Food, water, and sources of warmth are scarce, especially during the hard winter months.

The cost of winter aid jumped drastically in 2013 to more than $800,000 from $300,000 in 2012.Add to that torrential rain and snow brought by Storm Alexa that made the tents blow away and you have a recipe for misery and distress. In 2013, Sunrise USA launched the “Warm Hearts” campaign to help alleviate suffering from the bitter cold. We worked to supply people with Winter Aid Packages, each of  which included a blanket, warm clothing, shoes, a jacket, socks, scarf, gloves and a mat. Sunrise-USA distributed 20,000 blankets, 1,000 kerosene heaters, and 5,000 jackets and winter clothing kits.

Please support us in our efforts to end the suffering of Syrian refugees at the coldest and darkest of times.

Be the Sunrise. Give Warmth.