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Why Syria?

“Every day is a struggle. Our child

ren sleep hungry, their cries silence as they lose strength. We eat every other day to save whatever rice or wheat supplies we have… eventually we will have no more.”

The Syrian conflict is one of the most complex humanitarian situations within the 21st century. Ongoing atrocities, an epidemic famine, and economic turbulence have created an unsettling situation for millions of people who call a country the size of the state of Washington home.

“We have to drink from polluted wells and wash in the sewage. We eat leaves and rotten rice. We have had no electricity for 500 days. We don’t have baby milk. Our medical facilities lack basic sterile conditions, we must use a few expired medications.” – Dr. Mos’ab (UNICEF 2014)

Syrians are on the brink of survival. With malnutrition & starvation at an all-time high, families living in besieged areas are in need.

But you can help. This Udhiya season – a time when families who are struggling receive a portion of meat as a gift- you can make a difference!

Sunrise USA will distribute Udhiya inside Syria due to urgent need this year. Tens of thousands of families are expected to receive its meats during Eid days. Please share your generous Udhiya donation with Syrian families who lost everything.

Shared Cow (7 shares per cow maximum/ $190 each)$190
Child’s Eid Gift$25

Bring a smile to the face of the needy the day of Eid by donating your Udhiya