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The conflict in Syria has entered its seventh year, leaving the country to face the largest humanitirian crisis in the world. The conflict took a significant toll on children’s education. According to United Nations’ sources, an estimated 5.8 million.

children and youth inside Syria (of whom 2.1 million are out of school) are in need of education assistance.

We have recently completed four school buildings (with another building currently under construction) and supplied books, back-packs and school materials to students and families around refugee camps.

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Basic education in Syria as of 2014 has become the second worst in the world. Almost half of all children have already lost the equivalent of three years of schooling. Consistently attending school is crucial for Syrian children to overcome the psychological trauma suffered in the past four years. Sunrise-USA needs your support in allocating funds for:

● Transporting children to school;
● Recruiting teachers;
● School books and supplies;
● Rebuilding old schools or creating new centers;
● Teacher training children with special needs;
● Social worker supports to ease the tension between host countries and refugee school children;
● Diminish language barrier in host nations like Turkey.

School enrolment rates among Syrian refugees are now lower than in Afghanistan, a much longer history of conflict and poverty.

In the year 2015, Sunrise-USA was one of the main sponsors of Al-Salam School which had 1,200 students.

15025452 1147831235264043 1134399863590788549 oMany Syrian children affected by war and the ongoing crisis consider Salam school a sanctuary. Recently, Sunrise-USA has funded an expansion that would give way to an addition of a secondary school accommodating grades 9-12.

● $25 = School Supplies Kit.
● $25 = Student Monthly Sponsorship.
● $500 = Teacher's Monthly Salary.
● $1,000 = School Expenses.

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