Mission & Core Values

About Us

Founded in 2011 by a group of Syrian-American professionals, Sunrise-USA -a 501 (c) 3 Organization- is now one of the leading NGO’s in the United States focused on providing humanitarian assistance to Syrians both inside Syria, and in neighboring countries.

By emphasizing child development, education, and healthcare needs, Sunrise-USA works to develop long term solutions to Syrians’ current problems.

With the lives and futures of so many children and families at stake, we don’t waste our time,or your money.


Sunrise-USA mission is to provide comprehensive relief and development aid to Syrians victims inside Syria and in the refugee camps in the neighboring countries.

We aim to:

- Emerge as a leading international humanitarian development organization for the Syrian people
- Develop immediate and long term humanitarian sustainable interventions and solutions
- Ensure the protection and security of our stakeholders


To be a world leader in providing humanitarian assistance and support to the Syrian victims.

Core Values:

We are committed to:

- Excellence, professionalism and commitment in our work
- Protect the dignity of our beneficiaries
- Trust and respect for all
- Integrity and transparency in all we do
- Empowerment and equality in dealing with others