Board Message

Dear Sunrise-USA Supporter,

First and foremost, Sunrise USA’s Board of Directors would like to offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks for your continuing and steadfast support since we began work in Syria in 2011. With the grace of God and your generous donations we have been able to distribute $14.63 million in aid to suffering Syrian civilian victims of war over the past six years. 

Sunrise USA has set up numerous medical facilities, refugee camps and temporary schools thanks to your monetary donations. We have also sent 31 containers of clothing and supplies to Syria, thanks to your in-kind donations. We have been able to bring a smile to refugee children’s faces in Ramadan, Eid and Christmas with meals and gifts made possible by your generosity, but there is still so much more to be done.

Over the past six years the conditions in Syria have steadily gotten worse. In March 2013, 1 million Syrians had fled their homes. Four, grueling, war torn years later the number has skyrocketed to 11 million men, women and children who have fled their homes fearing for their lives.

Do we flip the page in the newspaper or navigate to another website, or shall we continue to use our very best efforts to help our sisters and brothers in the worst nightmare of their lives?

We must continue our work to their benefit. The refugee, nutrition, health care, and education crisis is escalating as more and more people are fleeing in search of safety. We are grateful for your past support, but we cannot stress enough the need to continue to do more. We have set up many medical facilities, refugee camps and makeshift schools. We could never have achieved this without you.  Unfortunately, the needs are only increasing.

Meeting the basic human needs of these refugees is a truly daunting task. This catastrophic humanitarian crisis can only be met by your continued monetary and in-kind support for our cause. Together we can make a difference by making food, clothing, healthcare and education available to these innocent victims of war.

Let us be the sunrise that the Syrians are praying for. Let us join hands and be the ray of hope that will help pull our brothers and sisters out of the darkness and into a light and prosperous future.



Board of Directors