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Syria: Six Years On

From its start in 2011, the Syrian conflict is now the largest humanitarian crisis in living memory.

- More than 500,000 people have been killed.
- Over 50% of Syrians now live in poverty.
- 5 million Syrians have already fled abroad.
- 7.6 Million are internally displaced
- Syria’s infrastructure has been completely decimated.
- Over 150,000 children were born as refugees.
- Over 200,000 orphaned children.
- Over 2.7 million children without education.

As we push forward with our work, it’s also vital we remember everything we've already achieved. Thanks to your support, Sunrise-USA was able to establish multiple programs to help Syrians in:

- Education
- Family Assistance
- Healthcare
- Orphan Sponsorship
- Ramadan Food basket
- Udhiyah
- Water and Sanitation
- Keep them warm in Winter

Six years have passed, and our team has only become more dedicated. Please continue your support.

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